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# Phreakuency Radio
Online radio material.
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Free underground Online internet radio.
## Here are some scripts and stuff
Liquidsoap scripts and website stuff should be found here.
Changelog will come soon.
phreakuencyradioV2.liq is the actual radio script.
# Put the log file in some directory where
# you have permission to write.
# Print log messages to the console,
# can also be done by passing the -v option to liquidsoap.
set("log.stdout", true)
# A bunch of files and playlists,
# supposedly all located in the same base dir.
security = single("~/phreakuencyradiodata/error/error23.ogg")
day = playlist("~/phreakuencyradiodata/tracks/day.pls")
night = playlist("~/phreakuencyradiodata/sets/night.pls")
jingles = playlist("~/phreakuencyradiodata/jingles/jingles.m3u")
# Play user requests if there are any,
# otherwise one of our playlists,
# and the default file if anything goes wrong.
radio = fallback([ request.queue(id="request"),
switch([({ 6h-22h }, day),
({ 22h-6h }, night)]),
# Add the normal jingles
radio = random(weights=[1,3],[ jingles, radio ])
# Add the ability to relay live shows
full =
# Output the full stream in OGG and MP3
host="",port=8099,password="xxxxxxxxxxx",name="Phreakuency Radio", description="Underground Internet Music Radio.",
host="",port=8099,password="xxxxxxxxxxx",name="Phreakuency Radio", description="Underground Internet Music Radio.",
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