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# Phreakuency Radio
Free underground Online internet radio.
Free Underground Online Internet Radio.
## Here are some scripts and stuff
# Changelog
## v0.4.1
- 27th November 2020. Video Live player added, live shows soon. Font color changes at refresh. "The Archive" added. New domains now!
## v0.3.2
- 10th October 2020. Graphics from Alix added, video streaming support and css modified
## v0.1.0
- 13th September. 24/7 Auto dj script with smart fading. Jingles are added and difference between day and night playlists.
## v0.0.7
- 16th May. Website created and support to multiple inputs/outputs with icecast.
## v0.0.1
- Somewhen in spring 2020. beginning of corona. First website and streaming server set up with icecast2. Realese party happened streaming Mark's bedroom party.
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