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digraph {
node [shape="box"];
edge [color="blue"];
fresh [label="lag.fresh (temp)"];
nginx_rtmp [label="nginx-rtmp, usted to be in (video)"];
puscii_icecast [label=" (audio)"];
ifm [label=" (video)"];
leftover_website [label=""];
subgraph cluster_devices_around_table {
label="non computer devices on table";
edge [color="grey"];
mixer [label="Mixer (Behringer)"];
studio_monitors [label="Studio Monitors"]
dvr [label="4 channel digital video recorder 4chdvr.lag, connect with rtsp"]
dvr -> antani_obs
mixer -> antani_soundcard;
mixer -> studio_monitors;
lag_webcam_dj [label="LAG webcam dj"];
lag_webcam_dj -> dvr [color="red"];
lag_webcam_ptz [label="LAG webcam ptz"];
lag_webcam_ptz -> dvr [color="red"];
subgraph cluster_antani {
label="Antani (antani.lag)";
edge [color="grey"];
antani_soundcard [label="Antani Soundcard (USB)"];
antani_jack [label="Jack Audio"];
antani_ardour [label="Ardour"];
antani_obs [label="OBS"];
liquidsoap_papillon_ls1ls2 [label="liquidsoap that takes audio from jack and sends to ls1 and ls2"]
antani_soundcard -> antani_jack -> antani_ardour -> antani_obs;
antani_ardour -> liquidsoap_papillon_ls1ls2
subgraph cluster_irc_shouts {
label="IRC .shouts";
indymedia_irc_papillon [label="Indymedia #papillon"];
indymedia_irc_lag [label="Indymedia #lag"];
indymedia_irc_papillon -> shoutdb
indymedia_irc_lag -> shoutdb [color="black"];
shoutdb -> shoutfile -> antani_obs [color="black"];
subgraph cluster_streaming_server {
label="Streaming server (ineedtogetanameandbecreated.lag)";
edge [color="grey"];
liquidsoap_papillon_ls1 [label="primary liquidsoap"]
liquidsoap_papillon_ls2 [label="secondary liquidsoap"]
antani_obs -> nginx_rtmp [color="red" label="rtmp"]
liquidsoap_papillon_ls1 -> puscii_icecast;
liquidsoap_papillon_ls2 -> puscii_icecast;
liquidsoap_papillon_ls1ls2 -> liquidsoap_papillon_ls1 [label="when audio from LAG, ogg over http",color="red"];
liquidsoap_papillon_ls1ls2 -> liquidsoap_papillon_ls2 [label="when audio from LAG, ogg over http",color="red"];
nginx_rtmp -> hls_for_website [label="transmuxed",color="red"];
nginx_rtmp -> ffmpeg -> ifm [label="transmuxed",color="red"];
nginx_rtmp -> ffmpeg -> low [label="transcoded",color="red"];
low -> nginx_rtmp -> hls_for_website;
hls_for_website -> leftover_website;
puscii_icecast -> leftover_website;
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