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Streaming Media Stuff
repo with the other repos as submodules and some more stuff
* install dependencies
* startsins-basic: script to start everything
* non: audio mixer things
* scripts: some scripts
* snowmix: snomix 0.4.5 with some extra input / output scripts
* c-player: player that outputs to snowmix, tcp2rtsp, s2s
to initialize:
git submodule init
git submodule update
to update the other repos:
git pull
git submodule foreach git pull
non @ 7deb34a8
Subproject commit 26133929bc59bf996b9db4e7b61166d096eacf28
Subproject commit 7deb34a8a79277d61bbeff4b3aba7b9bedeb912c
snowmix @ db6ef454
Subproject commit ca2b0b4246099cfa834277f730367cb468a167a7
Subproject commit db6ef454b3c628e54585730a6b33e7a50dfd7701
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