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change submodule url

parent f85e7c01
[submodule "testclips"]
path = testclips
url = git@gitlab.irl.020:sms/testclips.git
url = http://gitlab.irl.020/sms/testclips.git
[submodule "scripts"]
path = scripts
url = git@gitlab.irl.020:sms/scripts.git
url = http://gitlab.irl.020/sms/scripts.git
[submodule "non"]
path = non
url = git@gitlab.irl.020:sms/non.git
url = http://gitlab.irl.020/sms/non.git
[submodule "snowmix"]
path = snowmix
url = git@gitlab.irl.020:sms/snowmix.git
url = http://gitlab.irl.020/sms/snowmix.git
[submodule "c-player"]
path = c-player
url = git@gitlab.irl.020:sms/c-player.git
url = http://gitlab.irl.020/sms/c-player.git
......@@ -16,6 +16,6 @@ to initialize:
git submodule update
to update the other repos:
git pull
git submodule foreach git pull
#!/bin/bash -x
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd snowmix
git checkout -b pinknoise
git pull origin pinknoise
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