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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Streaming Media Stuff
repo with the other repos as submodules and some more stuff
* install dependencies
* install dependencies
* startsins-basic: script to start everything
* non: audio mixer things
* scripts: some scripts
......@@ -18,4 +18,10 @@ to initialize:
to update the other repos:
to install (on debian jessie) (read the scripts before executing them!):
./ (installs some packages)
build gstreamer with: ./c-player/scripts/deployGstreamer-dev [folder to put gstreamer source]
build snowmix: cd snowmix && ./bootstrap && ./bootstrap && cd src && make && sudo make install
to start:
look at the startsins-something scripts
c-player @ 5ea68469
Subproject commit 2fe389f42e1279b1fdb79e4b2c220747124ddfe0
Subproject commit 5ea684697f59f18d5fce3c2c3f99429d53c12035
scripts @ ec3caf76
Subproject commit 7f1d420496cc7152b490c61a8659e0cac40ca359
Subproject commit ec3caf76e1b86eef50db1f532b974e194fe33f58
snowmix @ 1164a27c
Subproject commit a35c4884abb149fc4d7b273330fc9fad0260e27b
Subproject commit 1164a27c5c1321f01deecfdce7f44904308681d2
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