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# This will apply the puppet configurations.
puppet apply --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/etc/puppet/code/modules/ /etc/puppet/code/manifests/webserver.pp
mkdir -p /etc/puppet/private/nodes/
touch /etc/puppet/private/nodes/`hostname`.yaml
puppet apply --hiera_config=/etc/puppet/code/hiera.yaml --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/etc/puppet/code/modules/ /etc/puppet/code/manifests/webserver.pp
version: 5
datadir: "hiera"
- name: 'Yaml backend'
data_hash: yaml_data
- 'puppetapply.yaml'
- "nodes/%{facts.hostname}.yaml"
- 'common.yaml'
- "/etc/puppet/private/nodes/%{facts.hostname}.yaml"
- '/etc/puppet/private/common.yaml'
sms::audio::glwritetoken: "lalala"
sms::audio::ircprefix: "lalala"
......@@ -3,11 +3,14 @@ set -eux
echo "updating and applying manifests, when you have unsaved changes, this might / will not work"
mkdir -p /etc/puppet/private/nodes/
touch /etc/puppet/private/nodes/`hostname`.yaml
git pull
git submodule sync --recursive
git submodule update --init --recursive
puppet apply --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/etc/puppet/code/modules/ -e "include put::radiodesktop"
puppet apply --hiera_config=/etc/puppet/code/hiera.yaml --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/etc/puppet/code/modules/ -e "include put::radiodesktop"
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