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......@@ -102,3 +102,7 @@
path = modules/translate
url =
[submodule "modules/tor"]
path = modules/tor
url =
......@@ -38,3 +38,11 @@ puppet apply --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/etc/puppet/code/modules/ -e "incl
## To override default hiera config
FIXME: write this
- submodules wrong in sms
- mumble switched build systems, so not building atm.
- obs tablet remote is not building (something with npm)
Subproject commit 6c4fd5b22f8d324299f1a093f04f8970f2300af0
Subproject commit 4fb60d94229cb52888df5f10c6d4454e2106ec79
Subproject commit 4a2dc608c8dcc846252832b4b4fa767176cccf63
Subproject commit 669595077979b12888560353d9a8709edd16c699
Subproject commit 884fc0a124ebce6c59a93d87207fb46751c09715
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